Your iPhone or iPad will soon support the latest-gen controllers for Xbox and PlayStation, as the upcoming iOS 14.5 update will add support for wireless controllers of popular gaming consoles.

Apple recently rolled out its iOS 14.5 update to beta testers. The upcoming update is set to bring several under the hood improvements to refine the user experience, such as enabling support for 5G dual SIM users and App Tracking controls. Apart from these changes, another welcome addition is support for the new Xbox Series X and DualSense 5 controllers.

It appears Apple has finally given game developers the freedom to tweak how the controller works for each game. Therefore, we can expect users will get the ability to customize and configure each button action, haptic feedback, screenshot, and in-game video capturing. Users will be able to make changes in the Game Controller menu under the ‘General’ section of your iPhone or iPad’s system settings app.

Apple announced back in November that it was working with Microsoft so the new Xbox Series X and Series S controllers will work on iPhones and iPads. “Microsoft and Apple are working together to bring compatibility for the Xbox Series X controller to customers in a future update,” said Apple.

Besides, it was also reported that iOS 14.3 beta included ‘behind-the-scenes’ support for the PS5’s DualSense controller.

Currently, the feature is only available to developers and those registered to receive public beta releases of iOS. That said, the upcoming iOS 14.5 update should roll out to everyone in a few weeks, so better keep your controllers charged and ready.