How to Do Date Night At Home

9 to 5 work life keeps us so busy and drained, that the romance seems to fade away! When we get home tired and exhausted, there is little energy to gather up the courage to get dressed and hit for a fine dine romantic dinner. And even if manage to go out, doesn’t it become boring and monotonous?

To keep the spark burning, keep the regular date outings aside, and surprise your loved one with a cozy and creatively planned date night at home. Here are some ideas for you.

Set up the dinner fashionably

The food is eaten with the eyes first! Presenting the food on the table is an art. Spread the starters, main course, and the wine in the best tableware available at your home.

Use the balcony/terrace

If the weather is bearable, set up the table outside. Cover the table with a chiffon cover. Accessorize with the aromatic and beautiful bunch of flowers in a chic vase. Keep some space for the scented floating candles, even a sleek candle sitting on a stand will do.

Play Music

The relation of music and love is inseparable. However, it might take you some time to make your playlist which should consist of soft and romantic numbers. Keep the volume low to add to the romantic ambience.

Keep the bath tub ready

As your man comes back from the office, let him freshen up and soak in the relaxing hot jacuzzi to relieve the day-long stress and weariness. If you can put in some flowers in the tub and light candles around, it will give him a subtle hint that the next surprise is waiting for him.

Arrange Flashback

In the hustle and bustle of life, when was the last time you saw the picture of you two romanticizing or enjoying with each other? Look at the pictures and share a laugh at the times you have spent together and talk about how far you both have come together. Even watching your wedding video is not a bad idea!

Watch Movie

Why not watch a movie together? If it’s a romantic one, even better.

Give massage to each other

Nothing can be more erotic than massaging each other. Buy a pack of Thai and fragrant oils and give your date night a high!

Cook together

It is not as boring as it sounds. It can be a fun and an innovative way to re-connect. Make something different which you haven’t tried as yet, to make it more involving.




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