Microsoft acknowledges bug causing Windows 10 games to crash

Microsoft has alerted that several video games running on Windows 10 are likely to crash and prone to other errors due to a bug in Discord. The company explained these incompatibility issues is related to the Discord overlay feature, and mostly affects games that use Direct3D 12.

“Microsoft and Discord have found incompatibility issues with some games using Direct3D 12 when the in-game overlay feature of Discord is enabled. When attempting to open affected games you might receive an error, or the game might close silently,” said Microsoft.

To resolve this issue of unexpected crashes or failure of games to launch, Discord has rolled out a new update that fixes the problem. Hence, no Windows update is required to resolve the issue, as users experienced these issues after installing the latest cumulative update.

“This issue is now resolved in an update to the Discord app. To verify you’re on the latest version, right click on the Discord icon in the notification area and select “Check for updates…”. If there are updates to install, it should install automatically but you might need to select the arrow icon in the upper right corner of the app to install the updated version. There is no update for Windows needed to resolve this issue,” explained Microsoft.

Before the update, users had to turn off the in-game overlay in the Discord app’s settings menu to prevent such crashes. It was the easiest workaround in stopping these crashes, though no longer necessary as users can now install the latest version of Discord. However, suppose the Discord update hasn’t yet arrived on your device. In that case, you should turn off the in-game overlay feature within Discord’s app’s settings to prevent these crashes from happening.