New Skype update brings new features for desktop and mobile

Microsoft has released the latest Skype 8.68, which is now officially available for download. The latest version of the app brings improvements for both desktop and mobile users.

Perhaps the biggest change in Skype 8.68 is the ability to blur the background for video calls you make on Android. Hence, if you use Skype to make video calls from your Android device, the app now lets you configure the background, so what’s behind you isn’t visible to anyone during calls.

Elsewhere, the new update brings an updated custom reaction picker, which essentially means that users will get more reactions at their disposal.

Meanwhile, the update also brings several fixes and improvements. For instance, virtual cameras in MacOS X are working again. Besides, the missing sound in Voice Messages that users have been facing lately has also been fixed. Finally, the update has also improved the performance of the emoji picker in Skype, therefore, users can expect the overall experience to be much smoother after updating to Skype 8.68.

“The latest Skype version 8.68 is out. There are cool new features in this release like Background Blur on Android devices. You asked, we delivered! The new features are rolling out gradually over the next couple of days so if you don’t see them right away, just check again soon!” Microsoft said.

The latest Skype update isn’t all that big, as it mostly focuses on smaller improvements, but these are welcome changes nonetheless. For iOS users, the latest update brings a new Share experience with support for Dark Mode. In addition, Microsoft has also made some improvements to the Share extension in Skype for iPhone and iPad.