Excel for the web gets several new updates

Microsoft has announced several major upgrades for Excel on the web. Some of these new features include easier worksheet navigation, support for keyboard shortcuts, version history support, and more.

With easier worksheet navigation, Microsoft wants to make it easier for users to work with an Excel workbook multiple worksheets. The company has added a new All Sheets button located in the lower-left corner to make it easier to find a specific worksheet.

To further improve user productivity, Excel for the web now supports keyboard shortcuts that are enabled by default for everyone. Users can find all the available Excel keyboard shortcuts in the help tab and selecting keyboard shortcuts. Therefore, using shortcuts like Alt, Ctrl-1, Ctrl-Shift-A, and others will go to Excel and not your browser.

Elsewhere, Excel for the web also supports several ways to zoom in and out of a spreadsheet such as pinch and stretch, CTRL + mouse wheel, click the plus and minus keys, and even a predefined zoom value from 25 to 200 percent in the bottom right corner of Excel’s web app.

The new update also gives users’ the ability to select multiple ranges that are not adjacent to each other and fill color or copy and paste. Users can hold the Ctrl key while selecting as many fields as they want.

Another welcome upgrade is the addition of version history, which lets you view and restore an earlier version of your Excel document. The feature comes in real handy while collaborating with others where one may need to revert to a previous version of an Excel document.

“You can now view and restore previous versions of your Excel file using version history. Track activities in the workbook by others collaborating with you and revert to a previous version if needed. Select File > Info > Version History,” Microsoft explains.

Finally, the new update also adds regional settings to Excel for the web, and users can set up their date/time, number, as well as currency formats. Users can do so by selecting File > Options > Regional Format Settings or selecting the Number Format drop-down list and clicking on More Number Formats.

Microsoft says these new features are now going live for Excel on the web. Besides, the company also noted that Excel users could expect more big updates for the service soon.