Microsoft examining random screen blackouts in Surface Book 3

Surface Book 3 users have been experiencing intermittent screen blackouts since late 2020. Going by user complaints, the problem started occurring after Microsoft released a firmware update last fall, as several users expressed their concerns on Microsoft’s support forums.

Many of them believe the whole thing started because of a firmware update, with the screen going dark for a few seconds before returning to normal. For now, it’s not exactly clear what’s causing the bug. However, some users suggest tapping the screen or pressing the brightness buttons on the keyboard will bring it back to normal.

Reports about the screen blackout bug started popping up right after Microsoft issued an update in September 2020, with some users complaining that even rolling back the firmware did not help fix the problem. For the time being, this doesn’t appear to be a significant issue, as the flickering only occurs occasionally and always returns to normal without the need for a forced reboot. It seems to be a minor software bug, and hopefully, Microsoft would resolve it in a new update.

Microsoft has issued a statement on its official support forum confirming it is aware of the problem and has asked Surface Book 3 users to get in touch if they’ve encountered screen blackout issues.

We are aware that some customers have experienced a brief screen blackout on Surface Book 3 and are monitoring the situation closely. Customers impacted by this should contact Microsoft support.