Starting next month, Microsoft plans to introduce the text predictions feature in Word. The feature works much like Google’s Smart Compose and offers predictions based on your text in a word document. Besides, it also helps with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. You can accept the suggestion by pressing Tab or press escape to reject it and continue typing in Word. The feature is designed to help users create Word documents faster.

Microsoft also added that the feature would improve overtime once AI algorithms recognize a user’s writing style. Besides, users can even turn off the feature if they’re not interested in using predictions. “Text predictions help users write more efficiently by predicting text quickly and accurately. The feature reduces spelling and grammar errors and learns over time to give the best recommendations based on your writing style”, explained Microsoft.

Talking about privacy, Microsoft explained that the feature’s data collection process to recognize a user’s writing style would not be visible to anyone else.

“Your data does not leave the tenant boundary. Text predictions use a machine learning model to make suggestions based on the text you have typed in the current document or email. The content is not stored or seen by any human unless donated as part of the feedback mechanism,” said Microsoft.

The predictions feature will also be available for Outlook for Windows this month. The feature will help users to write their emails faster. The predictions feature is currently available only in English and has been rolled out to nearly 50 percent of beta channel users. Though it appears Microsoft is finally ready to roll out the feature for all users next month.